Our Designs

Here at Witts Design, we like to take inspiration from our surroundings and explore them into our designs. 

Every design has started by being hand drawn and using different techniques are either left or manipulated by using a variety of resists. They are then painted with a mixture of watercolours, inks and paints. Finally, they are then prepared to be hand screen printed in their North Norfolk studio. 

Marksbury Leaf Collection

The inspiration for our Marksbury collection was the fallen leaves of found around London in Autumn. By exploring the golden colours, textures and patterns of the leaves, each design was carefully created by hand with inks and watercolours, further enhanced with resists and collage.

Beachcomber Collection

This design was inspired by the amazing coastline that Norfolk has to offer. Created by inspiration from the beautiful colours found on crab, lobster and mussel shells. Our mackerel design, in particular, has been further enhanced with use of silver binder to make it shimmer when screen printed

Country Collection

Our country collection was designed and inspired from the surrounding country landscape in North Norfolk. Our collection beholds a various range of animals and birds that can be found within the North Norfolk countryside such as Deer, Pheasents, Hares and now featuring domestic animals such as dogs and chickens.


The inspiration for this collection was from the colours that can be seen in platforms like water and reflective building structures. We were highly inspired by the reflections of the trees and flowers that can surround riverbanks, and how the images can be distorted by ripples in the water. These designs were created by using photography, drawing and collages and printed digitally.

Reflections Collection

The inspiration for the geometric collection has been inspired  from the patterns that you would find normally on roads and pathways, in particular the intricate patterns you would find on drain covers and metal surfaces. These designs were created by using photography, drawing and collages and printed digitally.

Geometric Collection

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